Groove Vase

With three kids romping around, we needed the perfect vase for that impromptu small grouping of wildflowers picked and hand-delivered. The Groove Vase design, distilled to just of a droplet of color, reflects the belief that sometimes it is best to just keep things simple. Each vase is hot stamped with the Orbix logo. Looks great in a grouping in your kitchen window.  If the bouquet is bigger, the Groove comes in large too!


Dimensions and Pricing:


Small - 6" x 3" - $42


Large - 12" x 6" - $105


Colors left to right: Aqua, Apricot, Lime, Gold, Copper Blue, Ruby and Purple

Also available in Cobalt, Amber, Grey, Red, Spring Green



  • Handmade one at a time in the USA