Gallery: Tuesday through Saturday 10am – 4pm 
Note: Gallery is open on days that classes are held
Hot Shop Hours: These times vary; call in advance.  We typically blow glass Tuesdays through Saturdays (until noon).  Many times you can watch, but there are times when the level of focus for our artists is extremely high and for success of the piece and safety for everyone  we must close off viewing to the public.  Please be considerate of this request if that occurs during a time of your visit. Thanks.
Lookout Mountain and Little River Canyon are beautiful at all times of the year, so plan to make a weekend of it. We’ll put you in touch with people who can provide accommodations that run from beautiful lake homes on Lake Weiss, log cabins close to the canyon, and quaint Bed & Breakfasts close to us or in Mentone.


and the great big Second's Sale 

Saturday, April 12

 9:00am – 4:00pm

  Blow Your Own Ornament all day - $35 each

Glassblowing Demonstrations 

10am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:00pm


Come enjoy Lookout Mountain and the art of Orbix for this annual event.  Throughout the day, come watch from the (hopefully) sunny porch as Cal and his team create glass art in our scheduled demo times.  Or, join in and make your own ornament with help from one of our artists.  Also, its time for some spring cleaning so all that is  a second, a testpiece, or simply something Cal does not want to see will be heavily discounted.


Blow Your Own Ornament

APRIL 12, MAY 10, JUNE 14

All BYOO events are Saturdays 9am-4pm.
This has become very popular here at Orbix Hot Glass! Come design and literally “blow” your own ornament with the help of one of our glass artists. For this we welcome people of all ages (okay you have to be at least 5 years old). Sign up for our newsletter under the “Contact Us" section of our website, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on days when we’ll be having this event. No reservations needed!
If you have a group who wants to make at least eight ornaments, call (256.523.3188) or email us at  You may come on our BYOO Event days or we’ll schedule a special time or day just for you!

Cost - $35/ornament.

Sculpt your Own Flower   

   APR 19, MAY 17, JUN 21

All Classes on Saturdays at 10am.
Have you ever wanted to actually sit at the gaffer bench and feel what it is like to shape hot glass?  In this new class offered at Orbix Hot Glass, its all about hands-on experience in a safe and fun atmosphere with a final product we know you will love. After watching Jenny shape glass into a flower, you will then be given the chance to a sculpt your own from an array of colors.

Each class is  about one hour in length with a minimum of three people and a maximum of five.  We can also schedule a special class time if you have four people wanting to take the class.
Reservations with a full payment are required. Please call us (256.523.3188) or email us ( for more information or to reserve a spot.
Cost:  $70 per person
Minimum age 13 years old
Shipping $8. each, or you may pick the pieces up on Tuesday or later.

Paperweight Classes

 Apr 26, May 24, Jun 28  

All Paperweight Classes Saturdays from 9am-1pm.
This class is designed for those who really just want see what molten glass is all about - feel the heat, gather from the furnace, sculpt the glass into you own design.  It is ultimately about the experience, some experimentation and a couple nice paperweights to take home or to the office to show your friends.
Class size is maximim of four students so everyone has adequate time at the bench working.   
There will be material provided before the class for you to review and become familiar with concerning safety and basic glassblowing vocabulary.  Please join us for some in-depth discovery. 
Reservations and full payment required. Call us at 256.523.3188 or email us at for more information or to make a reservation.
Cost - $135.  
2-4 students
Minimum age is 13 years old with parent


Studio Tours/Group Events

Studio Tours -- Looking for a unique event for your club or a group of friends?  Come watch one of our glass artists give a private glassblowing demonstration. They will answer all your questions about the process and you can view the end result of their hard work in our gallery. Cost is $160 for an hour.  Maximum group is 20 people. 50% non-refundable deposit required.  

Private Blow Your Own Ornament -- Another option for groups is to schedule a private Blow Your Own Ornament Event. A minimum of eight ornaments is required.
Cost - $35/ ornament