Nothing speaks quite the way glass does; it truly has a language unique unto itself.  If there is something special you want to say to someone, whether it is thank you for your efforts in our company, congratulations for an achievement/milestone, or we appreciate your business,  glass can say this like no other gift.
In respect to this, as we sit down at our workbench in the hot glass studio to create a special piece for someone, we consider the intended message and form the glass with the same essence as one that pulls a pen across the paper writing a personal letter.

For over a decade, we have made a name for ourselves as one that pays attention to details and maintains a close relationship with their clients throughout the process from the initial design all the way to the on-time delivery of the work.

Please look through our Collection to find a piece that may already state what you are wanting to say, or call us directly to discuss the process of having an exclusive design made just for you.   Each piece is hand blown, hand signed, and can be dated if you wish.  As another option, each piece can be hot stamp embossed with a company logo to make a lasting impression.

Our work is timeless heirloom quality to be passed down throughout generations, therefore a great investment into a relationship.

Nothing is more personal than a handwritten letter, but I believe that a handmade piece of Orbix Hot Glass is a clear second.

Cal Breed
Designer at Orbix Hot Glass