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The Beauty of Tension #10


Number ten is a vertical arrangement with six sides polished. This is the third piece (only #1 and #2 thus far) to have the full six sides of polish.  In this piece, Cal decided to carve through the PRD to see if it would affect the colors behind the polariscope.

Color: Clear

Dimensions: 4.45cm x 4.6cm x 9.68cm

Polished Sides: 6

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In Cal’s words as a sculptor, an ever-expanding understanding of materials is critical in refining one’s ability to fluently translate ideas into expressive physical objects.  These solid works in glass capture a moment in time where a Prince Rupert’s drop, while in a state of great tension, is trapped in molten glass when the tail is snapped, and the tension released.  Due to the viscosity of the molten glass, the moment of this tension release is captured in time.  Once the solid pieces are cooled, carved, and polished an unexpected beauty is revealed under the light of a polariscope which is a tool glass makers use to see stress in their glass wares.  The unique stresses captured in these pieces are all remarkably beautiful.  The surprise of beauty in tension revealed through creative experimentation and exploration is a main reason I love making art.  Part of this whole process of discovery was captured with the genius camera and talents of Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day – a YouTube channel that is exploratory in nature. The whole video is available HERE.

Each of the Beauty in Tension pieces come with a custom fit wooden base and three polarizing films.